Joachim Breitner

Blogging on Lean

Published 2023-05-31 in sections English, Lean.

This blog has become a bit quiet since I joined the Lean FRO. One reasons is of course that I can now improve things about Lean, rather than blog about what I think should be done (which, by contraposition, means I shouldn’t blog about what can be improved…). A better reason is that some of the things I’d otherwise write here are now published on the official Lean blog, in particular two lengthy technical posts explaining aspects of Lean that I worked on:

It would not be useful to re-publish them here because the technology verso behind the Lean blog, created by my colleage David Thrane Christansen, enables such fancy features like type-checked code snippets, including output and lots of information on hover. So I’ll be content with just cross-linking my posts from here.


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