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The Haskell Interlude Podcast

Published 2023-12-22 in sections English, Haskell.

It was pointed out to me that I have not blogged about this, so better now than never:

Since 2021 I am – together with four other hosts – producing a regular podcast about Haskell, the Haskell Interlude. Roughly every two weeks two of us interview someone from the Haskell Community, and we chat for approximately an hour about how they came to Haskell, what they are doing with it, why they are doing it and what else is on their mind. Sometimes we talk to very famous people, like Simon Peyton Jones, and sometimes to people who maybe should be famous, but aren’t quite yet.

For most episodes we also have a transcript, so you can read the interviews instead, if you prefer, and you should find the podcast on most podcast apps as well. I do not know how reliable these statistics are, but supposedly we regularly have around 1300 listeners. We don’t get much feedback, however, so if you like the show, or dislike it, or have feedback, let us know (for example on the Haskell Disourse, which has a thread for each episode).

At the time of writing, we released 40 episodes. For the benefit of my (likely hypothetical) fans, or those who want to train an AI voice model for nefarious purposes, here is the list of episodes co-hosted by me:

Can’t decide where to start? The one with Ryan Trinkle might be my favorite.

Thanks to the Haskell Foundation and its sponsors for supporting this podcast (hosting, editing, transscription).


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