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Utnubu Paper Press Coverage

Published 2005-08-07 in sections English, Debian.

In the newest Linux-Magazin, a popular German - well - linux magazine, is a short note on Utnubu. The article is correct and sums it up quite nicely, but I am surprised by this amount of press coverage, a lot in the online news, now even on paper: Utnubu was just a quick idea of mine during DebConf, hasn't done much besides the patch refomating and the packages diff, and my current time contraints won't allow me to put enough effort in Utnubu to come anywhere close to justify the press coverage.

This can only mean two things: A) The name was too clever for the project and therefore attracts the media attention or B) The press coverage means that Utnubu is something a lot of people do want to see. I hope for the latter.

In that case, though, the Utnubu team needs more manpower (and womenpower...)! If you want to help out, just have a look at the missing packages list and see if there is a package you want in Debian, talk to the Ubuntu developers and/or prepare that package for debian. Subscribing to helps, too.

And for those that for some strange reason like to read my name in the Linux Magazin: Have a look at the next one...


You mean Ubuntu not Utnubu right? o_o
#1 Rafael am 2005-08-07
No, the name's a pun. See, it's "Ubuntu" spelt backwards, because it intends to integrate Ubuntu's changes *back* into Debian proper. See for Joachim's original announcement of the Utnubu initiative and its aims.
#2 Andrew Saunders am 2005-08-08
Thanks for your help, but in this particular case, though, I think Rafael is just being sarcastic :-)
#3 nomeata (Homepage) am 2005-08-08

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