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Linux Ball / Utnubu

Published 2005-07-17 in sections English, Debian.

Yesterday night, debacle has organised the possible first Linux/Free Software ball. In effect, that meant that we got the "Aquarium" room of the hacklab, set up my laptop and some speakers and got started. I offered my help, having done a Ballroom Dancing Club in the USA before and having my collection of music with me. We started with Tango, actually playing Finish tango, I continued teaching Disco Fox and we finished with basic Rumba. There were up to 6 couples, 4 girls, and it was fun. Pictures will be uploaded later.

Also yesterday, I founded Utnubu (including an alioth project). The message to debian-project and the DebConf5 list reads as follows (as the list archives are non-working currently):

Hi everyone,

I invite everyone interested to join the Utnubu Team. Utnubu stands for doing what Ubuntu does, just the other way around: We want to take the things Ubuntu does and that are missing in Debian, and - where appliciable - put them in Debian.

This should be achieved using (at least) the following methods:

  • Having a look at the patches that Ubuntu publishes, see if they are suitable for Debian and then contact the Debian Maintainer to see if and how these can be integrated.
  • Contacting Ubuntu developers that upload directly to universe, if they don't want to upload to Debian, too; this includes sponsoring. Note that I do not plan to pull developers from Ubuntu, they should instead form their package for both distributions.
  • If this is not possible or feasable, take Ubuntu-only packages, adjust them to Debian and upload them ourselves.
(Personally, I'd like to concentrate on point 2 and 3, so another reason for you to join)

I have set up the alioth project utnubu, as well as the mailing lists for general in-group discussion, as well as for the maintainer field of our possible packages.

A list of binary package in universe, but not in Debian, is assembled on

Those who are at DebConf and are interested: You are welcome to see me and discuss matters in person.

Thanks for your attention, and looking forward to working with you,

Joachim Breitner

So far the responses were positive. I started checking a few packages, you can see the results at the list achive. Help is very much appreciated.

Please note that I want to work with Ubuntu, not againt Ubuntu.


Cool! what a pity that i can't help, cause i am not a developer (brain 's too small - have just 2,56 k ram onbrain * knickknack-ratter). but when i can help otherwise... i use ubuntu and love debian!
#1 Karim am 2005-07-18
Well, if you use Ubuntu and Debian, you probably have a good overview on what features (as in additional or modified packages) you want in Debian. If you know anything like that, tell
#2 nomeata (Homepage) am 2005-07-19
I look forward to the photos, certainly. Wonder if anyone video'd my favourite bit, which was kov dancing disco-fox with... unknown German dude. The one in the red t-shirt. A girl can hope ;-)


#3 nattie (Homepage) am 2005-07-18
<strong>Trackback:</strong> <a href=",-wie.html">Utnubu - Häh, wie ?</a><br />Ubuntu Rückwärts! Macht auch irgendwie Sinn, denn Ubuntu proftiert von Debian, Debian aber nicht von Ubuntu. Das soll sich mit dem kürzlich gegründeten Debian-Projekt Utnubu ändern!Joachim Breitner forderte Interessenten auf, sich dem Projekt anzuschließe
#4 Frank's Blog (Homepage) am 2005-07-19
<strong>Trackback:</strong> <a href="">Utnubu</a><br />Nein, ich habe mich nicht verschrieben, Utnubu ist ein Projekt, über das Joachim Breitner folgendes sagt:

»Utnubu steht dafür, zu tun, was Ubuntu tut, aber andersrum. Wir integrieren die Dinge, die Ubuntu bereitstellt, aber die in Debian fehlen, sofern s
#5 /home/hauke (Homepage) am 2005-07-19

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