Joachim Breitner

Going to FOSDEM after all

Published 2013-01-31 in sections English, Debian.

Earlier this week, things were looking different, and I did have to cancel a Haskell talk in Freiburg on Monday due to illness. But I’m back on track and will be travelling to Brussels tomorrow.

I’ll be holding a talk on how we package Haskell in Debian, on Suday at 15:30. I hope it will be useful to Debian users (who will better understand the packaging), other Debian Developers (who’ll learn about the peculiarities of Haskell and the implications for the Debian infrastructure), other distro’s maintainers (to compare best practices) and Haskell developers (to learn about the needs and worries of downstream packages). The talk will be based on my DebConf 11 talk on the same topic. I’m also happy to answer questions about Haskell, Haskell in Debian or any other topic that you want to hear my opinion about, so just talk to me during FOSDEM.

In related news: GHC 7.6.2 was uploaded to Debian experimental the day it was released; the rebuilding of all libraries is still in progress (~370 of ~570 done).


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