Joachim Breitner


Published 2012-12-14 in sections English, Digital World.

What happens if the same person (in this case, my girlfriend) is both a bit geeky and likes to bake? She has ideas leading to this:

Tetris Biscuits

And what is the obvious thing to do with such biscuit (or are they cookies?). Play tetris:

(Also on YouTube if your browser does not play the video above.)

Oh, and to refute common stereotypes about me: The baking was done by me, but she helped me glazing the biscuits.


Nice idea and implementation. Bravi.
#1 S am 2012-12-15
Great, just great, I wish I had the same at home (girlfriend)! ;-)
#2 Elessar (Homepage) am 2012-12-16

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