Joachim Breitner

Dennis Felsing’s thesis on ghc-vis submitted

Published 2012-10-02 in sections English, Haskell.

Last week, my first student ever submitted his bachelor thesis „Visualization of Lazy Evaluation and Sharing“ about a tool he created that allows you to investigate the heap of a running Haskell program, including unevaluated values and their sharing properties, in a visual and interactive manner. You can see it in action at the end of the  video of my lightning talk about ghc-dup at the Haskell Implementors Workshop this year, and read more about it on Dennis’ ghc-vis web page. I’m quite happy about the result and I think I can get used to have other people implement my ideas and needs :-)

Dennis said he is willing to continue the maintenance of the tool, so give it a shot and bombard him with bug reports and feature requests!


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