Joachim Breitner

DebConf Pictures and other stuff

Published 2005-07-12 in sections English, Debian.

Today, ajt held his talk on debbugs and announced the subscription feature I blogged about. It is still not on, the modifications to debbugs seem to be harder than expected. Besides that, I briefly talked with amaya about the Ubuntu issue, stood in the sun for the group photo.

Afterwards, I printed, cut and glued a new "release" of the board game and "held" a "BoF" on the game. Well, I helped 5 others to play. The game still has issues, the main begin properly that it is quite slow. This was partly caused by our dice-replacement (3 differently sized coins that stand for bits in a 3 bit number, thus generating values from 0 to 7, and on a 0, you had to re-roll), but also by the long round times. This needs more testing and experimenting.

I also uploaded a bunch of pictures, some still from Stockholm, the rest here from DebConf. I picked out a few goodies for attendees as well as for those who stayed at home:


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