Joachim Breitner

First contribution to a basic Haskell library

Published 2011-11-22 in sections English, Haskell.

While working on SAT-Britney, I made heavy use of the IntSet data type provided by the basic Haskell library “containers”. Since memory consumption was a problem, I looked at its implementation, which is a binary tree, and wondered whether this could be improved for dense sets by using a machine sized word as a bit map to represent a continuous part of the integers, so I started to implement it. The effect on my program was not as strong as I had hoped for, but nevertheless, the code made its way back into containers – after a thorough review and a considerable amount of further improvements by Milan Straka. I’m getting sucked deeper and deeper into the Haskell community... (which means that the Haskell community does not suck, of course.)


It's great to have you with us! =D
#1 Felipe Lessa am 2011-11-22

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