Joachim Breitner


Published 2005-07-10 in sections English, Reisen.

I left Berlin via the Nighttrain to Malmö. The couchette was ok, not really a lot of space for the baggage, but it worked. At the ferry (the train went in a ferry), I could leave the train, although I think I was not supposed to - I had to cross some "Do not pass" sigs, the other way though. It was nice standing a 3am on deck and see it already getting light again.

In Stockholm, Erik Johnsson, the guy that offered me to stay at his place, picked me up at the railway station. During the next two days, we walked around in the city a bit, had a BBQ, met even more DebConf attendees and we started to design the Debian Developer Boardgame (more on that later).

Yesterday, we went to the Vikingline ferry. I had a cabin there (it was the only option my travel agency offered me), but before I went there, we enjoyed the evening on the sundeck and later sat inside, four laptops and a network, working on the board game or sharing movies. We thought about putting up a "Do not feed" sign, because people sometimes standed and stared as if they were in the zoo.

Today, we made our way to HUT (Helsinki University of Technology) just in time for the okish lunch. The weather here is very nice: 25°C and more, no cloud, just like it was in Stockholm. The wired network is good (pictures are already uploaded), I hat to tunnel a few things (ICQ for example) through ssh acting as a SOCKS proxy to the rzstud server in Karlsruhe.


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