Joachim Breitner

bluetile in Debian

Published 2010-06-12 in sections English, Debian.

I just packaged and uploaded Jan Vornberger’s window manager bluetile to Debian. This very nice piece of software brings the benefits of a tiling window manager to users who prefer to use the mouse and who don’t want to learn a new programing language to configure their window manager. Bluetile uses the xmonad libraries and extends them with an easy to use and discoverable user interface.


prefer awesome :)
#1 efaistos am 2010-06-12
very nice. thanks man!
#2 jay am 2010-06-14
Joachim, I think I love you :) I was fed up with awesome's configuration madness, and even endured a couple of weeks of being a very unhappy GNOME user. I just tried bluetile, and while there is still a couple of commands to rewire into my fingers (including several mappings I've done to the Windows key and I must now remap to a different place), I think we have found a winner.

Tiling window managers rock.
#3 Gunnar (Homepage) am 2010-06-14

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