Joachim Breitner

FontForge-Article in the German Linux-Magazin

Published 2010-02-04 in sections English, Digital World.

Yesterday, I found the 3/10-issue of the German “Linux-Magazin” in my mailbox. (I don’t dare to call it the March issue – they are a bit off schedule...) On page 62, you can find my 3½ page article about creating a symbol font with FontForge. I briefly covered the topic on my blog and later thought that it would made a nice article, even though I’m not an expert on this area. The article will be freely available in about three years.This is already my third publication, after my article on the Cross-Site-Authentication attack that was published in the same magazine (circulation ~63.000) and in its international counterpart in 2005 and my recent article in the “freeX” magazine (circulation ~15.000). Looks like I’ll have to add a  “Publications” section to my website soon...


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