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Turned down Non-Free programming project

Published 2005-06-21 in sections English, Digital World.

I was asked by a German internet cafe whether I would extend my udp-broadcast-relay thingy the way they need it. Although interested, I was disappointed to read that they would not want to have it as Free Software (I specificly asked about this).

Their rationale was that they want to have "technological advances" over other internet cafes, thus would not want to see the software they pay for to be developed to be free. I replied that under these circumstances, I am much less interested, and pointed out some advantages of free software for me (code availability, motivation) as well as for them (independance). I'll see what happens.

Totally unrelated: LinuxTag is close. This evening, I'll be helping the Skolelinux-guys to build up. CU all there!


See udpcast for a possible alternative...
#1 Thomas am 2005-06-22
<strong>Trackback:</strong> <a href="">LinuxTag Part I</a><br />Today was my first day of LinuxTag. Mostly filled with Talks (The Wikipedia Keynote, Debian Security by Joey, Debian-Woman by Mareike, What's new in sarge by Alexander Schmehl) and one shift of merchandice selling. The rest of the time I spend wandering a
#2 nomeata's mind shares (Homepage) am 2005-06-23

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