Joachim Breitner

darcswatch uploaded to hackage

Published 2009-01-21 in sections English, Debian, Haskell.

I just made my first upload to hackage (not counting uploads I did during my work in Dresden). Don Steward repeatedly told me to package and upload darcswatch, so I just did that. Thanks to Gwern Branwen to contribute the first cabal file.

There is little documentation on how to set up darcswatch yourself, so if you actually want to try it out, you most likely will have to get in touch with me. Note that you can just use the installation on

If you, for some reason, feel like hacking on darcswatch, I’d be interested in memory reduction. I currently process 916 mails containing 1867 patches and 47MB, as well as 13 repositories, some of which are rather large, and the numbers are increasing.


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