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My Debian Project Leader Vote

Published 2007-03-25 in sections English, Debian.

The Debian project is having it’s annual vote for the the post of the Project Leader, a mostly representative and medidative post. Here is my ballot:

[ 6 ] Choice 1: Wouter Verhelst

[ 7 ] Choice 2: Aigars Mahinovs

[ 5 ] Choice 3: Gustavo Franco

[ 1 ] Choice 4: Sam Hocevar

[ 3 ] Choice 5: Steve McIntyre

[ 2 ] Choice 6: Raphaël Hertzog

[ 4 ] Choice 7: Anthony Towns

[ 6 ] Choice 8: Simon Richter

[ 6 ] Choice 9: None Of The Above

I voted for Sam first because he has some fresh ideas and takes it not too serious – after all, working on Debian should be fun. Next is Raphaël Herzog. He got the big plus of some good people on the prospective DPL board and I know he is doing some good stuff with regard to collaborative maintenance, e.g. in pkg-perl. I’d then rank the current DPL and his Second in Charge equally. They didn’t do anything particular bad (besides maybe the dunc-tank-experiment, but I’m not blaming that failure entirely only on them), and continuity is normally a good thing. Well, just for fun, I’ll give the advantage to Steve. Gustavo has a lot of ideas, and I’m not sure how realistic they are. I’ll still prefer him to nothing, so he is ranked next. I don’t know enough about Simon and Wouter to really vote for or against them. Aigars plans though, despite knowing him personally, are not the right for a DPL post, so sorry, that puts him below NOTA.


Why publish the votes?
#1 Anonymous am 2007-03-25
Maybe to influence other votes to vote likewise? Or to give support to those who I’m voting for?

Why post this question anonymously?
#2 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2007-03-25

Have something to say? You can post a comment by sending an e-Mail to me at <>, and I will include it here.