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Published 2006-10-12 in sections English.

It is always nice to get feedback from people using your work. It happens that a long time ago (February 2002) I wrote a tiny little program called "udp-broadcast-relay" that does nothing but hauling udp broadcast packages from one local network to another one. I wrote it because I needed it then, and did not care for it after somewhen in summer 2002, when I did not need it any more.

Yesterday, I got this message:

Von: Александр <>
An: Joachim Breitner <>
Betreff: udp_forward_relay
Datum: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 19:59:23 +0400 (15:59 GMT)
Hello Joachim,

Thank you on your programm udp_forward_relay.

Best regards


And today:

Von: Александр <>
An: Joachim Breitner <>
Betreff: Respect
Datum: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 22:39:07 +0400 (18:39 GMT)

> Thanks for the mail. It's always good to hear that people are using
> it. What do you use it for, if I may ask?  

Im us if on a router with 6 network segments for relaying broadcast packet from quake3,
war3 and VyPress Chat. Im from Russian and live in "NNSU" universety hostel,
in Nigniy Novgorod state. All peoples from my hostel send respect for you...

P.S. Sorry for my english...

Best regards

That feels good. I once got a similar thing from pakistan, too. Strange selection of countries...


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