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First Computer Club meeting

Published 2006-08-23 in sections English, Digital World, Ghana.

Yesterday, I held the first meeting of the Computer Club that I founded here at the college in Tema, Ghana. I didn't go into very technical things right now, to not scare anyone away, but gave an introduction to wikis and blogs, and showed the students how to use the wiki and blog I set up for the club. You can have a look at my LaTeX-created beamer slides.

I think the club went quite well. About 20 students seem to be interested, and a few more might come with the 11-graders who start school next week. There seems to be little geeky knowledge present, so I'm not sure if I can go into the more technical things of geekdom, like weird programming language, fixing bugs in Free Software etc. But we'll see, maybe I underestimate them, and one year is a long time for an interested geek to get into new stuff.

Besides one box that I can fiddle around with, and which hosts the club's wiki and blog, there is no Linux yet at the school. I did help a bit with setting up a few windows boxes, and already I'm happy to know that at least I have an alternative. Walking from computer to computer to manually deinstall software preinstalled by the vendor, manually set hostnames, manually write down MAC adresses for the WLAN MAC-filter, manually joining the domain and manually install all other software does not seem like the way I would want to administrate more than two computers. In Germany, we call that "Turnschuh-Administration" (sneaker or running shoe administration).

Unfortunately, that is not an argument to bring to make the school use more Linux, as a dual boot setup is the most I can hope fore at the moment, and that does not ease the pain of Windows administration. I'll keep you up to date on that.


Hey Joachim,

is thant you, the young boy in front of the computer in your slides or is it just a random pic?

Are you planning to make the sites public available, or will it remain school intern?

nice slides, anyway ;)

#1 Lucas (Homepage) am 2006-08-23
Yupp, that's me. About 10 years old, IIRC
#2 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2006-08-23
<strong>Trackback:</strong> <a href="">Free Software Club continues</a><br />

Today was the second meeting. At the first meeting, I introduced a wiki and a blog, but so far they have not been using it a lot. To change that, I will now reward &quot;Geek points&quot; for contributions in the wiki, and on the blog, as well as for ot
#3 nomeata's mind shares (Homepage) am 2006-08-29

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