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Lenovos '4 Werktage'

Published 2006-07-04 in sections English, Digital World.

Normally, l am quite happy with my T41p, as long as it's working. But for the third time time now, I had to send it in because tapping on the case caused the display to fail. The hotline was understanding and promised fast handling within 4 workdays. That was last week. Today, I called again, and they told me they are waiting for a new system board (for one of their most sucessful series), and I won't get it before next week...

Is there another brand that has something like a TrackPoint?

(blogged with my Nokia 770)


<strong>Trackback:</strong> <a href="!.html">T41p wieder ganz!</a><br />Nachdem ich jetzt schon eine Weile Probleme mit meinem Laptop hatte (am schlimmsten war, dass ich keine USB-Festplatten

oder generell -Speicher mehr anschließen konnte), hab ich letzte Woche dann keine Geduld mehr gehabt und beim Support

von IBM angerufe
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