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The law of -unknown-

Published 2006-04-18 in sections English, Digital World.

Quite a while ago, I read somewhere about someone formulating a low that goes approximately like this:

If you post to a mailing list and you don't get a replay, you can't tell whether it is because your post was absolute rubbish, or whether it was because your post was totally and perfectly correct and right.

A while now I'm trying to track down the origin, and especially the name of the guy who coined this law, but until now I failed. I think I remember it came from the perl5 (or was it perl6) mailing list, but I might be wrong.

Who knows more?


There is a post of Ricardo Gallir (aka gallir)[]

about what he says its the "blog transposition law", wich talks about something like you said. I am sorry the link is in spanish, but I can summary it: the numbers of comments of a post is inverse of its quality. So, the most perfect post will never recieve any comments and the crappest post on slashdot will get thousands.
#1 paurullan (Homepage) am 2006-04-18
Is this what you seek ?'s_Dilemma
#2 Michael Scherer am 2006-04-18
Thanks, that's it!
#3 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2006-04-18

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