Joachim Breitner

Fixing my subscription

Published 2006-01-15 in sections English, Debian.

After another German post from me appearing on yesterday, I investigated the issue further, and I (hopefully) found the problem: The rss feed URL I was providing looked like it was for the english feed, but actually it wasn’t. And since serendipity has the tendency to be very forgiving when it comes to URLs with mistakes, it was indeed providing my all-blog-feed. I changed the URL now, I guess this will cause some old english entries to re-appear, but I hope that it will be the last time.


It's ironing, this posts still pops up on planet from time to time. Judging from the time it happened, a simple restart of my local apache causes the planet to get confused about the RSS feed. WTH is going on?
#1 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2006-02-02

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