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Published 2005-10-25 in sections English, Digital World.

Sounds good, doesn't it? And feels good, too: My article on the Cross-Site-Authentication Attack in the German Linux-Magazin (as previously blogged about) was chosen for translation and appeared in the world wide Linux Magazine, reaching audiences in over 100 countries (Linux Magzine number). I'm looking forward to even more comments on the subjects, and maybe even action by the web browser makers. Although I just notice that according to their website, the issue with my article (November 2005) is already out since 7th of octobre, and they just took some time to send me my copy, so I might not get much more comments...

Also, someone created an XSA article in the German wikipedia. That's cool, too!


<strong>Trackback:</strong> <a href="">XSA-Article available online</a><br />

Just a quick follow up on my Cross-Site-Authentication Attack: My article for the German Linux Magazin which was translated for its English counterpart Linux Magazine is now available online. I&#8217;m still waiting for the German version to be opened u
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