Joachim Breitner

Analog Clock for Gnome, Take II

Published 2006-03-30 in sections English, Digital World.

A while ago, I made an analog clock for the gnomepanel, using ruby. It worked fined, but I missed the calender functionality of the standard Gnome panel clock. So today, I crudely patched the clock applet from gnome-panel to display a relatively nice clock, using cairo:

I have a patch against gnome-panel 2.12.3, and if you want, I can give you my locally built debian package.


Feature request: Does the clock properly skew, like any reputable analog clock?
#1 Gunnar Wolf (Homepage) am 2006-04-01
Well, it's accuracy is limited by the fact the the gobject callback is called every 1000ms, but that does not control _when_ during that second it is called...

I wonder if it makes sense to call the handler every 40ms, and do nothing if we are still in the same second. Or maybe ask the gobject guys to include a callback that is called ASAP after the beginning of a new second.
#2 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2006-04-01
Wie geht's Joachim,

I am interested in your clock mod, I use Ubuntu 6.06 and would like to try it, can you send me your .deb package?

Also, I am sick of the american date format, in Australia we use the day/month/year format, can that be changed?


Kev :)
#3 Kev am 2006-08-15
Hi Kev,

I don't have an up-to-date package anymore , I was too lazy to adopt the patch to every package. Guess you have to try to use the patch linked in the post and see if you can make use of that.

For the date format, did you set your locale right, to EN_au or whatever you would use?


#4 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2006-08-16
Hi Joachim,

just FYI, I've just ported the patch to 2.18.1, which is available <a href="">here</a>.

Anyway, do you have any plan to make it a standalone package, so that people don't need to get gnome-panel source in order to compile and install analog clock?
#5 Abel Cheung (Homepage) am 2007-10-12
Hi. It seemed you forgot to paste the link to the patch, can you paste it again?

Outside of gnome-panel would mean ripping out some code (especially the evolution integration). I don’t think I have the time for that. But if you do it and it works nice, I’d upload that to debian for you.
#6 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2007-10-12
Hmm, I did post the link, but was mysteriously stripped. Does the comment form accept HTML? Anyway, it is available from my site:

The most work required to making it standalone would be syncing with official source. While doing it once is fun, doing it everytime a new GNOME release comes is tedious. I also wonder if I have the guts for that, that's why I'm asking you first :-D

Or just fork it once and go along a different path?
#7 Abel Cheung (Homepage) am 2007-10-12
Looks like there is some rework of clock applet again in GNOME 2.20 (especially a new timezone popup is there), so I can't work on it until my distro is updated.
#8 Abel Cheung (Homepage) am 2007-10-14
Hi !

Wollte jetzt auch gerne meine Uhr auf analog umstellen und Du warst die einzig auffindbare Lösung.

Wär nett wenn Du mir das DEB-Paket zuschicken könntest.

Vielen Dank im Voraus

#9 Rolf (Homepage) am 2008-03-20

danke für dein Interesse. Mein Code ist allerdings einige GNOME-Releases alt, ich denke nicht dass er mit den aktuellen Paketen funktioniert. Also, wenn du nicht selbst C beherrscht und den verlinkten Patch mit dem aktuellen Code zusammenfügen willst, wirst du nicht viel davon haben.

Vielleicht fragst du auch nochmal hier nach:


#10 Joachim Breitner (Homepage) am 2008-03-21

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