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Cell phone stolen, camera bought

Published 2005-10-18 in sections English.

Isn't it ironic: I just wrote Tapu, a game for my mobile phone and spend quite some time typing 450 playing cards for it - and then, before ever having played the game, my cell phone, a SonyEricsson T630, gets stolen! And that in a very bold way: At night, from my dorm room, while I was sleeping there. And since the theif did not take my laptop or other expensice stuff, I assume he was not planning on stealing, therefore he (or she) is most likely from my dorm. Which makes me uncomfortable.

Also uncomfortable is the Siemens S35 that I still got lying around here, and so is the fact that I had to order a new SIM card, that I had to notify the loss at the police station and that I lost some contacts on the phone.

Out of frustration (ok, it was planned for a while now, but this gave me the rest), I bought myself a new camera (the old one went to pieces, as previously blogged). Now I own a shiny new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5. It's not a pocket size camera any more, but the 12x zoom and the large lense was just too tempting. It was actually at DebConf 5 when Ralph Amissah enthuiastically showed me his Lumix, making me interested in this kind of Camera.

I uploaded a few pictures, though nothing special yet. Have a look at this zoomed in picture versus this wide angle picture for a demonstration of the 12x zoom and compare these two pictures, both  fully zoomed in, first one with image stabilizer, second one without. Again, for zoom demonstration, the wide angle view.


Sorry to hear about your phone - hope that gets sorted out soon. Yay for the shiny new camera!

Unrelatedly, I think I'll be going back to ballroom dancing next week if they'll let me back in :-) Are you coming to Mexico?
#1 nattie (Homepage) am 2005-10-20
Not sure yet. Are there already details WRT to time and place?
#2 nomeata (Homepage) am 2005-10-20

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