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Sunday, September 8. 2013

You-Say-First has dice

Digital World

A while ago I wrote a small web application called You-Say-First. It allows multiple users to join a chat room where they can, besides chatting, enter „moves“ that are only shown to everyone once everyone has submitted one. This way you can play games like Rock-Stone-Scissors or Diplomacy online, even if you want to play by your own strange rules that none of the standard, game-specific web sites support. Or even make up many kind of games on the spot!

I was approached by Jason Worley who said he liked the site, but would have a need for dice rolling to play the games he wants to play. So he gets dice rolling: Just say, in the chat, what kind of dice you want and the server will roll them for you and tell everyone about them. I tried to make it understand many variations of the command, so you can say “roll a die, please”, “toss five coins” or “throw 3D20”. If the server does not react, try modifying your command.

As always I’m happy about feedback, bugreports and patches, and I hope that it is a useful tool for you.


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