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Friday, February 11. 2011

GNUnify started

Haskell Indien

Yesterday night I arrived in Pune for the GNUnify conference where I’m a speaker. I should speak more often at such conferences, they really pamper the speakers: I was picked up with a car from the train station, brought to a posh restaurant where other speakers were already dining and afterwards accommodated in the guest house of the Symbiosis University, which means a spacious room with my own bathroom (with running hot water) and best of all: Internet connectivity after midnight! Tonight I was alone, the next night I’ll be sharing it with another speaker.

Today we had breakfast at the conference venue and the first talks started. I attended a talk about Openmoko, but nothing new to me so far. I was happy to see Debian listed as one of the Distributions for the FreeRunner, given that I once co-initiated that port. Nevertheless it could not bring me to try using the FreeRunner again, reliability is just not good enough. I asked for the next best (in terms of freedom and geek-compatibility) phone, but there is no obvious good answer. The n700 seems to be a dead end, given that Nokia might ditch Meego. The Geeksphone sounds like a good candidate, but is out of stock.

My Haskell talk will start in 30 minutes. I hope I’ll reach my audience and haskell-cafe will see more Indian names soon... The talks are recorded. I guess I should have dressed better.


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Geeksphone is going to release a new device (Geeksphone Zero) soon...
#1 Marcos Marado (Homepage) on 2011-02-11 15:27 (Reply)

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