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Sunday, October 7. 2007

Haskell Hackathon almost over


The Haskell Hackathon in Freiburg is nearly over now. For me, it turned out to be a xmonad hackathon, as of a few days ago, xmonad is able to handle dock applications such as the gnome-panel properly (that has prevented me from looking at xmonad before).

Now that the panel worked, I also wanted it’s window list and workspace switcher to at least show me the state of my workspaces. This resulted in the EwmhDesktops extension. I also noted that the dock handling provided in the default Config.hs was not sufficient, as it would even treat dialogs from gnome-panel as a dock. This is fixed with the extension ManageDocks, which later got additional support to increase xmonad’s border gap if an window (such as gnome-panel) has the STRUT attribute set. To closer match my old metacity keys I added support to CycleWS for going to the next/previous workspace and for moving the current window there.

I had some ideas how to make the hook interface for xmonad nice, and now started to work on debian packges for xmonad: You can get and test prelimary ones.


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